PayScale's 2019 Equal Pay Day Panel

Despite many societal advances, gender and racial pay gaps still exist. How can we close the compensation gap? Compensation industry leaders from various sectors gathered to discuss pay equity challenges and best practices.

Panelists include (in order of appearance):

-Lydia Frank, VP, Content Strategy at PayScale
-Amelia Ransom, Sr. Director, Engagement and Diversity at Avalara
-Steven Matly, CEO/Founder at SM Diversity
-Ruchika Tulshyan, CEO at Candour, and author of The Diversity Advantage
-Felecia Caldwell, Director of Workforce Equity at City of Seattle
-Michaela Ayers, Founder of Nourish
-Ashley Wilson, Corporate Counsel at PayScale
-Chris Martin, Sr. Manager, Compliance and Analytics at Starbucks
-Mykkah Herner, Sr. Compensation Analyst at McKinstry